The Glastonbury I Ching

While acknowledging that the I Ching derives from an ancient civilization with a range of values and beliefs that were in many cases alien to ours in the modern West, Simon Bastian presents a new way of composing and reading the hexagrams whilst maintaining the standard definitions. This simplified ‘runic’ system can provide access to familiarising oneself with the oracle and, as an introduction, makes it easier to employ the traditional longer methods of interpretation. Simon has used source material from Glastonbury – a centre of spiritual and magical activity – to form a tangible and hopefully relevant production akin to runes (the alphabet/divinatory system that probably originated with the Germanic tribes).

The aim is to provide a gentle cultural blending, rather than collision, by retaining the core value of the I Ching’s philosophy and symbolic attributions.

Please note that Hadean Press publishes the booklet only. This title is also sold with a set of companion discs exclusively through The Wild Hunt in Glastonbury.

I Ching