Reading Practical Elemental Magick

Practical Elemental Magick. David Rankine & Sorita d’Este. Published by Avalonia: BM Avalonia, London, WC1N 3XX, England, UK. October 2008. 186pp.
Reviewed by Empedocles

This is a very impressive book from two prolific and respected occult authors. The concept of Elemental Spirits is encountered frequently in occultism, but there has been until now no comprehensive guide to working with them. I say comprehensive advisedly, for one of the great virtues of this book is it traces origins and alternatives very thoroughly, rather than laying down dogmatic rules with no background. At the same time as offering depth information the book also retains considerable clarity. The range of sources consulted is astonishing, and the work thus provides an invaluable resource for further research by the individual reader. The material is usefully synthesised into a thoroughly workable practical system of magic; while offering sufficient alternatives for the reader who is so inclined to evolve distinct methodologies based on their own preferences.