Reading Supernatural Assault in Ancient Egypt

Supernatural Assault in Ancient Egypt — Seth, Renpet & Moon Magick. Mogg Morgan. Mandrake of Oxford. PO Box 250, Oxford, OX1 1AP (UK). 2008. 315pp.
Reviewed by Jake Stratton-Kent

Part of an ongoing project investigating magical and Sethian mysteries of Ancient Egypt from a perspective that incorporates academic research and the viewpoint of magical practitioners. This is the third volume, and I could kick myself for not being aware of the project at an earlier date, as it evidently parallels researches of my own, involving the Egyptian calendar and the Lunar Mansions, as well as important magical aspects of the cult of Seth. This particular volume involves dreams, not merely their interpretation through authentic Egyptian manuals, but magical activities in which dreams are the focus; particularly aggressive and defensive magic. Rituals and techniques from the Demotic magical papyri and elsewhere are given, accompanied by the insights of an experienced modern occultist. Needless to say I found the book utterly fascinating, and will be adding the previous two volumes to my wish list!