Reading Voudon Gnosis by David Beth

Voudon Gnosis. David Beth. Scarlet Imprint. 2008. 90pp.
Reviewed by Dis & Erzebet

Voudon Gnosis is a nicely bound and well-written “initiated commentary” on the extensive work of Michael Bertiaux, who is best known for his recently re-released Voudon Gnostic Workbook, the training tool of La Couleuvre Noir. No one is better able to give such a concise and comprehensive explanation of the VGW and L.C.N. than Beth, Bertiaux’s successor. The point of Voudon Gnosis is not, however, to expound upon the material already extant concerning L.C.N., but to express and promote the gnosis achievable through its systems.

Beth alludes to the Order’s secrets, teasing us with glimpses of hidden knowledge, but he also offers the uninitiated a clear view of the foundation upon which those secrets are built. One might think that, because of its small page count, Voudon Gnosis ends all too quickly. But — for the careful reader — this book is more than its text and illustrations; it is in itself a magical object, a portal to a universe in which further understanding is revealed.