New release from Templum Nigri Solis

We were recently alerted to this new title from Templum Nigri Solis and thought we’d share it with you. Between Spaces: Selected Rituals & Essays from the Archives of TEMPLUM NIGRI SOLIS is available now in a limited first edition. From their official release notes:

“Magic is dangerous or it is nothing.”
This statement, from William S. Burroughs’ introduction to Between Spaces, offers perhaps the best summation of the magickal philosophy of Templum Nigri Solis (TNS) – one of the most influential and notorious temples to work within the Chaos Current. For nearly thirty years it has pioneered new and revolutionary techniques for liberation of the spirit and charting the farthest reaches of Magickal experience.

Available for the first time this long sought-after collection of papers offers the reader the tools to work powerful Magick and effect a radical tranformation of the psyche. In this book you will find the power to open gateways to infinite possibilities.

Visit their website at to see a sample of the text and to learn more about this most interesting publication.