Hal Duncan writes Kenneth Anger

Some time ago we posted a quick link on Facebook to our sister press‘s latest release, a collection of wicked poetry by author Hal Duncan. Songs for the Devil and Death opens with a poem called “Lucifer Risen”, but it wasn’t until the other night – when we had a chance to sit down with Hal and discuss his poems just before the launch of the book- that we discovered the connection between Hal’s poetry and Kenneth Anger’s film, Lucifer Rising.

“Lucifer Risen” opens a collection of visceral verse and scabrous sonnets from a self-proclaimed Son of Sodom. It was clear to us, we who have devoured every word, that this title might be of some interest to the esoteric/occult community at large for reasons that might be more evident if we let Hal speak for himself:

If the title doesn’t give it away, from just a quick watch of Kenneth Anger’s “Lucifer Rising” a reader should be able to see exactly where my “Lucifer Risen,” the poem that kicks the collection off, is coming from. Isis and Osiris, the volcano, the crocodile, if it’s not in the film somewhere there’s *some* sort of link to it under the surface. The whole poem’s basically a boiling down of the imagery in Anger’s film, key symbols corraded and collaged into a text. The word “sigilisation” might not be entirely inappropriate here. Other than that… I won’t expound too much on the meaning, would rather let the poem speak for itself. The basic thrust should be clear from the twist on the title — that where Anger’s film speaks of a return in progress, I say that return is now achieved.

We are happy to share with you this opening poem with the following excerpt, but we assure you that this poem is only the beginning of a journey of ferocious poetry that will take you through both heaven and hell.