House Hadean

As many of you know, early this year we relocated to rural France, where we began the great work of restoring a house and setting up a new studio in this most pleasant land. Since then, updates have been few and far between as most of our time has been spent on the house and in working on what books we can. Now, in autumn, we are gathering in the harvest, reaping what we have sown.

When we arrived, our house looked quite lonely in winter.

house in winter

Our village, as sleepy as we were. This is where we send out the post. Our village has one café, one boulangerie, and one hairdresser, newly opened. And the post office, of course, open only on weekday mornings.

our village

We had quite a lot of work ahead of us.

A large front room, divided into studio space…

this was the studio space

and living space.

this was the living space

A kitchen…

this was our kitchen

and then there was up the stairs.

this was the upstairs

Our bathroom…

this was our bathroom

our bedroom…

this was our bedroom

and a writing room for Erzebet.

this was the writing room

Our van proved to be quite useful.

the van was very useful

Slowly, we began to create order out of chaos. It was not easy, and we are not yet done.

In the kitchen, a ceiling and plasterboard on one wall.

a kitchen ceiling

In the front room, paint on the walls…

slowly order out of chaos

and a corner cleared for the desks in the studio.

and more order

Upstairs, it was all about walls. The bedroom was insulated…

the bedroom underway

and the writing room.

the writing room underway

By now it was spring.

house in spring

It was an exciting day when we finally flipped the switch and restored electricity to the house.

an exciting day

We set up our desks and got to work…

setting up the studio

painting more walls…

the writing room

and decorating…

a bedroom comes together

and tiling.

a kitchen comes together

Building a shower and tiling again.

building a shower

Summer passed in the blink of an eye.

house in summer

Along the way we made a new friend…

along the way we found a new friend

and tucked in and got some books made.


Now winter is coming, so finally we installed our main source of heat, and bought a load of wood in.

the warmth of a fire

Erzebet is happy to focus on books and bones again.

studio at night

Dis keeps the fire gods happy.


Every night we go outside to watch the moon, or count the stars, or to simply be in this beautiful place we call home.

beautiful sun setting

And that is life for the Hadeans in France. This has been the most challenging, and the most rewarding, year of our lives. And the real work has just begun.

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  1. Well done! Looks so cozy and a perfect place for creative work and play.

  2. Beautiful house in a wonderful rural setting, Such hard workk has paid off, Its a dream i have, so inspired by your story and picture’s. May you have many fruitful bllessings in your new home.

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