The Second Annual Day of the Dead

We must thank Jack and Jamie of Saint Martha’s Botanica and The Occult Consultancy for once again hosting an amazing event in honour and service of the dead. Our journey to Glastonbury was a long one — six and a half hours of French countryside on one side of the channel, and a satnav that decided we should head northeast out of Portsmouth to tour the South Downs National Park. Eventually Erzebet took the helm and navigated us west through Salisbury and onwards to our destination, the exceedingly beautiful town of Glastonbury where many dead and undead roam.

Glastonbury high street
A quiet Monday morning in Glastonbury.

The event itself was a spectacular success, hosted by the esteemed Kantelya Fortune, whose appearances are too far and few between.

Kantelya Fortune
Kantelya Fortune

We sold many books and Guides to friends old and new…

Hadean Press
Hadeans Dis & Erzebet, tired but happy.

and then partied late into the night. The next day (or was it the day after that?) we spent a relaxing afternoon in The Covenstead B&B with its owner Adele, catching up on news of the town. The Covenstead, if you’ve not been there, is the place to stay in Glastonbury.

The Covenstead B&B
In the dining room of The Covenstead B&B in Glastonbury.

And if you crave a hot cup of mochaccino, as Erzebet does, Heaphy’s Cafe is the place for it. We like to sit here before the town wakes up, drinking our coffee, and watching the pigeons cover the rooftops.

best mochaccino in Blighty
Home of the best mochaccino in Blighty. The sandwiches are good, too.

As our visit wrapped up, we said goodbye to what is perhaps the most mystical place in Glastonbury, the Abbey, where in the stillness of morning you can still hear the old monks singing.

Glastonbury Abbey
The entrance to Glastonbury Abbey.

We’ve put these few photos of the town online for our distant friends, who haven’t yet been to this little town nestled beneath the Tor. We’re sure others will cover the more esoteric side of the event. For us, this was a working holiday, and we made the very most of it. A dear friend of ours came down from the north, and we saw those faces we’ve missed in our months away, and all in all it was a delightfully exhausting adventure.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year.