Conjuration of the Wise

An update to the main Hadean Press website has been long overdue, as we’re sure some of you are aware. At last, it is here. To celebrate our new presence, we offer this Conjuration of the Wise.

Conjuration of the Wise © Erzebet YellowBoy 2014
Conjuration of the Wise by Erzebet YellowBoy, mixed media, 2014.

I don’t believe in romanticising the beast as so many fantasists do. The beast is a beast; it is his nature to be so and to pretend he is something else does him and us a disservice. What has happened to wise spirits of old is the reverse. We conjure and command the demonic face, denying the soul beneath. These three wise spirits came to me and said, conjure us as we are and once were, and so I did. Astaroth: the mighty queen become king. Belial: the venerable king. Asmodeus: the virtuous king.

May this conjuration bring you virtue, might, and wisdom.

Mixed media: stained paper, gouache, copper, thread, pressed poppy petals on stretched canvas.
Signed and dated on the back by Erzebet (the artist). Unframed.
10cm x 30cm

This painting is now sold.