House Hadean moves again

A quick update as the clock is ticking: at the end of August, we will be moving back to England. This is for business reasons, and while we’ll be happy to regale you with tales of French bureaucracy over a pint at the pub, for now it is enough to know that we are very much looking forward to what this new adventure will bring. Meanwhile, our little house in France will still be here, waiting for us behind a wall of brambles.

We never did give you the further updates mentioned in this post, and for that I apologise. Unfortunately, during the last half of 2014 I was entirely out of commission, and when 2015 dawned I was faced with overdue projects for both Papaveria Press and Hadean Press, not to mention a world of emails that I’m still working my way through now.

I have added a page of our Forthcoming Titles to the website; if a title is listed here, it is coming. Please do not email me about the handbound edition of The Book of St. Cyprian — I will email you when the time comes. Before we leave France, I will be in touch with those of you who have reserved a copy of Kissing the Devil’s Ass, a properly cursed book if ever there was one. I have pushed that title back to 2016 to give me plenty of time to make of it a thing of beauty.

As ever, we appreciate your patience with us and are deeply grateful for all of the support you’ve shown us over the years. We will update again once we’ve settled in the fair land of Albion.

— Erzebet