Summer Update from Hadean Press

Where does the time go? We returned to England in December of last year after a chaotic few months of plans falling to pieces and our road forking and all sorts of other nonsense too hilariously complex to contemplate. One might even think we’d done magic, the way things blew up, but we made it back to West Yorkshire and got ourselves settled in with our minds mostly intact. I’ve spent the last few months repairing the damage French bureaucracy did to our business, amidst cries of ‘never again the burning’ and ‘fuck that’.

So that’s where we’ve been. Here is where we are going.

1. I’m going to redesign this website. Not the shop, that’s already been done. I love the look of our main site, but its time has passed. Those of you who receive updates via email will still receive them. This will happen sometime before our next book release, spirits willing. I have redesigned the website. I hope you like it.

2. Books everywhere. We are soon to release The Magickal Language of the Book of the Law: An English Qaballa Primer by Cath Thompson. Following that is Conjure Codex 3 (the Blue issue), and then a surprise title by Jake Stratton-Kent. And there’s more, enough to keep me busy through 2017. I’ll update the forthcoming titles page when I update the website.

3. Unfortunately I’ve had no time to do any book binding. I get more emails about Kissing the Devil’s Ass than I do any other book, and I swear to all I hold holy, it is coming.

4. A clarification: Hadean Press is a partnership. I will defend to the death Dis’s part in it. My part in it is editing, layout, spreadsheets, social media, some cover design, promotion, sending out review copies, finding reviewers, answering emails, filling orders, filing paperwork, annual taxes, maintaining websites… Every ridiculous thing that running a business involves or making a book involves, I’m doing it. I am the witch behind the curtain, and I’m only telling you this because a dear friend recently told me to “Get out and be the face of that shit!” Hi, here’s my face. If there is a problem, I am probably responsible for it.

witch at work

5. If there is a problem, email info @ I’ll answer you as soon as I can. I also like to receive well-wishes, gossip, and stories about your magical life.

As ever, we deeply appreciate your patronage of Hadean Press.

Erzebet out.