Erze & Dis

Hadean Press was founded in 2008 in West Yorkshire, UK, at the beginning of the solar year by Dis Albion and Erzebet Barthold, now the managing director of Hadean Press Limited, a UK company formed in July 2019. Erzebet holds all other official roles at Hadean Press: editor-in-chief, book design, sales, marketing, etc. She is also a book binder who occasionally releases her limited editions through Hadean Press. Our London liaison is Rob Rider Hill; our assistant editor is Cath Thompson. Jake Stratton-Kent, one of our authors, also acts as an occasional advisor.

We produce books, journals and pamphlets in standard and limited editions. Dis and Erzebet also own and operate Papaveria Press, a small press dealing in mythic prose, poetry, and fairy tales. We are now based in the West Yorkshire Pennines.