Guides to the Underworld

Our Guides to the Underworld are shipped from West Yorkshire in England via Royal Mail First Class or International Standard. 

Guides to the Underworld

Our Guides to the Underworld combine the aesthetic of a popular pamphlet with a depth of praxis rarely found in trade publications.

Pamphlets, said to have appeared in the late Elizabethan period in a form recognisable to us now, are considered scurrilous little bits of paper filled with subversions and remonstrances. Hadean Press adheres to the second idea of the radix of the word Pamphlet... that it takes its derivations from παν, all, and φιλεω, I love, signifying a thing beloved by all; for a pamphlet being of a small portable bulk, and of no great price, is adapted to every one's understanding and reading.

We fondly remember the days before the internet, when the discovery of subversive, photocopied and stapled pamphlets in some random shop was like finding gold. Back in the US midwest I'd often find weird and wonderful scraps of paper in used record stores, hidden in among the fanzines and flyers. Covering such diverse topics as candle magic, conjuring spirits and rites to make a million, these little gems were the lifeblood of practice, when books on the occult were few and far between.

Those days are long gone, but we at Hadean intend to keep the pamphlet tradition alive within the occult community, where 'subversions and remonstrances' thrive in discourse and in print. Below are our latest releases in the Guides to the Underworld series; please visit our shop to see the full collection.

Erzulie of the Deep
Sean Woodward.
A Guide to the Underworld.
Published in May, 2019.
24 pages.

Conjuring the Planetary Intelligences
David Rankine.
A Guide to the Underworld.
Published in October, 2018.
31 pages.

Saint Raphael the Archangel
Vanessa Irena & Alexander Cummins.
A Guide to the Underworld.
Published in July, 2018.
20 pages.