Guides to the Underworld

Hadean’s collection of pamphlets for the discerning reader, including the Spirit Work Series, an introduction to working with spirits, particularly those of the True Grimoire.

Pamphlets, said to have appeared in the late Elizabethan period in a form recognisable to us now, are considered scurrilous little bits of paper filled with subversions and remonstrances. Hadean Press adheres to the second idea of the radix of the word Pamphlet… that it takes its derivations from παν, all, and φιλεω, I love, signifying a thing beloved by all; for a pamphlet being of a small portable bulk, and of no great price, is adapted to every one’s understanding and reading. Our Guides to the Underworld combine the aesthetic of a popular pamphlet with a depth of praxis rarely found in trade publications.

The photo above was taken by a friend and customer, and shows the pamphlets as they appeared in their first incarnation. We have since changed the cover design, but we’ve chosen to leave this image on the site as a testament to the original editions of these beloved little texts. View the complete range of our Guides here.