About the Press

weHadean Press was founded in 2008 in West Yorkshire, UK, at the beginning of the solar year by Dis Albion and Erzebet Barthold. We produce books, journals and pamphlets in standard and limited editions.

Our standard trade editions are produced using print on demand technology, which allows us to keep our prices reasonable and our costs to a minimum. Our handbound editions are created by Erzebet, a book artist whose work is held in the permanent, working collection of the Minnesota Center for Book Arts and in private collections around the world. Dis works in the UK print industry, and is the artist behind our book cover designs. Dis and Erzebet also own and operate Papaveria Press, a small press dealing in mythic prose, poetry, and fairy tales. We are now based in the West Yorkshire Pennines.

Hadean Press ® is an imprint of Circle Six.

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Hadean Press
BM Box 6176

Forthcoming from Hadean Press:

(Titles are listed in no particular order and only include books currently under contract.)

Trade Editions

Bibliotheca Valenciana by José Leitão
10 Spheres of Inperfection by Matt Laws
Dæmonology II by Humberto Maggi
Stellar Magick by Cath Thompson

Handbound Editions

Kissing the Devil’s Ass by Gertrude Buhne
The Book of St. Cyprian translated by José Leitão