All This And A Book by Cath Thompson

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of Cath Thompson’s third title with us, All This And A Book.

This book is one of my most favourite things - a magickal memoir. Naked witches in the woods, flaming Vikings, and years of magickal exploration, during which time a significant evolutionary breakthrough in occult history occurred, the decoding and proof of the Holy Book known as Liber AL vel Legis, the Book of the Law.

Because a magickal memoir is one of my favourite things, for the next two weeks, All This And A Book will be available for sale on our website at a discounted price. This sale will end on 3 July, after which time the book will be available on Amazon and other online sellers. 

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 Summer '84. Clockwise from top left:  Cath Thompson, Jake Stratton-Kent, Carol Smith, James Lees. 

Summer '84. Clockwise from top left:  Cath Thompson, Jake Stratton-Kent, Carol Smith, James Lees. 

This title is also available as a digital edition!

Prophesied within the Book itself, the order and value of the English Qaballa was obtained by James Lees in 1976. This is a frank account of that momentous discovery, and forty years of pioneering research and development of a first complete magickal system of alphanumeric correspondences in the English language.

Thompson tells the inside story of the group led by Lees for eleven years, with eye-witnessed details of their methods and experiments, their meetings and their rituals - including the infamous “16 naked witches” gathering of midsummer 1984. She describes Lees’ magickal career, and the contributions that she was able to make to his exploration of the new system, and how the legendary 11th Continuum EQ website came into being at the turn of the century.

This book is also a personal memoir of Initiation into the Mysteries, written by a dedicated E. Qaballistic Magickian and High Priestess. Thompson candidly relates her encounters with the Western Magical Tradition, her own Man of Earth ceremony, and the ordeals and visionary experiences of the first thirty-five years of her journey with the English Qaballa.

We hope you enjoy this book as much as we have. If you have any questions, please do get in touch! 

All This And A Book
Cath Thompson.
Published in June 2018.
132 pages, colour images throughout.

Available in hardback, paperback, and epub editions.