Forthcoming in 2011

We're breaking our silence with a brief look at what we are working on now. We did not produce as much in 2010 as we'd hoped to. Some of these titles are already overdue, but we insist on giving each work the attention it deserves. Sometimes other things get in the way. We will, at some point, be releasing a paperback edition of The Book of Paramazda. The response to the limited edition was wonderful, but it was a limited edition and for us, the whole point to publishing material is so that people can read it. The Book of Paramazda demands to be read by all.

Conjure Codex: Red is going to be a stunning piece of work, with interior art by Audrey Melo and Jack Snell, cover art by Johnny Jakobsson and articles by Nicholaj Frisvold, Chad Barber (aka DHR. Balthazar), Drac Uber and more. Conjure Codex is a compendium of global magick with a focus on the imminent potential for a new global synthesis. Red will inaugurate the series. This title will be released as a paperback with other editions under discussion now.

Kissing the Devil's Ass is perhaps our most sought-after title. The process is slow, but this book will be released in 2011. All of the available copies have been reserved. There are no plans, at this time, to release this book in any other edition.

All three of these titles have been previously mentioned. Here are some that we've been keeping to ourselves:

Verse Versus Nothing. One man's journey through the unique initiations found in the English Qaballa, in verse with enumerations and commentary. Another limited edition, handbound by Hadean Press in paper and cloth, with original art by the author, Pan. Please note that we are not taking reservations for this title.

Learning by AOS. A small fragment of text by Austin Osman Spare, graciously offered to us for publication. We are producing a limited, handbound edition, number to be determined, of the great man's words. This will be a very small book, comparable in size to Loving the Dead (jointly released by Hadean and our sister press, Papaveria). Please note that we are not taking reservations for this title.

Liber 187: The Serpent Tongue by Jake Stratton-Kent, with an introduction by Lon Milo DuQuette. For those of you familiar with the English Qaballa, this title will need very little introduction. This is Jake in his role as historian and teacher, presenting the method of EQ, its history and its impact in a concise volume written for neophyte and adept alike. This will be released as a paperback edition only.

More pamphlets and other small volumes of note are in progress, including Walking the Spectral Path by Paolo Sammut and an appearance by Frimost & Klepoth in the Spirit Work Series, part of our Guides to the Underworld.

And now we go silent again.