Frimost & Klepoth by Jake Stratton-Kent

Frimost & Klepoth
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Frimost, the Strong Spirit, and Klepoth, Lucifer’s Harlot, are two of the most powerful entities of the True Grimoire; their sigils are inscribed on the two wands employed by the magician using that most potent text. Herein these two spirits are further revealed, elucidating their roles in Goetic conjure and in Brazilian Quimbanda, where these spirits are both major figures. Frimost, the Strong Spirit, details his power in love magic and resolving problems of other kinds faced by the magician. Klepoth, Lucifer’s Harlot, reveals the sensuality and visionary capacity of this intriguing entity. This is an important addition to the spirit work series, clarifying major themes in the union of New World and older Western magic.

Frimost & Klepoth Jake Stratton-Kent. A Guide to the Underworld. Published February, 2011. 23 pages.