The Paramazda Paperback

This title is now out of print in both editions.


Previously released as a limited edition, The Book of Paramazda now resurfaces as a limited paperback. The text is unchanged, and the covers have been stamped with silver foil, lending this slender book some of the same dignity as its predecessor.

The Book of Paramazda is a book which in the last millennium might have been described as a ‘Liber’ in ‘Class A & B’. Rumours of the existence of this cryptic and beautiful text have long been current in exalted circles; it is now emerging into the light of day.

The Book of Paramazda is at once a received book, an enciphered magical system and an apocalyptic vision of the Aeons. It is also a powerful reforming prophecy concerning Magicians, Thelemites and Radical Traditionalists alike.