Verse vs. Nothing

"Here follow sixty-one verses and prose… channeled intelligence.Guide lines of self-initiation, Observation of the like and unlike. Love less desire. Personal records of a Spirit seeking-Soul-seeking Spirit. Esoteric philosophy or just nonsense. As experienced by Pan… Venerator of Babalon."

Verse vs. Nothing by Pan. A limited, numbered edition of 31 copies, of which 27 were for sale. Handbound by Erzebet for Hadean Press. This title is sold out.

Sold Out

This book is quarter case bound with gold and blue marbled endpapers, black endbands and a waxed paper cover with ridged blue paper on the spine and corners. The text has been printed on laid paper in blue and black. This book includes artwork by the author, known only as Pan, on both the cover and inside.

The value of this book lies in the twenty-year journey recorded by the author and enumerated by way of the English Qaballa -- an initiatic journey revealed in such personal detail and yet so creatively that one can't help but appreciate it for what it is. These are the annals of transformation. The book opens brilliantly with a simple Thelemic statement: 0=2. The text itself is an intimate insight into the Ordeal 0, an ordeal rarely described in print. A print of Pan's Baphomet graces the cover as no other image matches the text so perfectly as that. It is all in one, the sacred double, the nothing of OHM.

Pan is a transcendental consciousness uniting us to a universal egregore. Pan is a multiverse of possibilities, a myriad of ways of existence... Pan is love, unconditional and free.