Conjure Codex Issue 1

CONJURE CODEX breaks new ground in presenting inter-related material from a range of traditions, embracing ancient cultures, the grimoires, New World traditions and others; by publishing new translations and rare texts alongside accounts of work in these traditions, and elucidations of them. We invite contributions including new translations and analyses of operative systems of spirit magic from around the globe.

Conjure Codex Volume 1 Issue 1 Multiple Authors. ISBN 978-1-907881-01-5 Full colour Paperback. Published in November, 2011. 184 pages.


EditorialOld Wizard by Jake Stratton-Kent

The Paladins of Earth and Fire by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold

The Tree of the Grimoires by Humberto Maggi

Modern Grimoiric Evocation by Michael Cecchetelli

The Comte de Gabalis by Abbé N. de Montfaucon de Villars, English trans. anon. with an introduction by Jake Stratton-Kent

The Great and True Natural Secret of the Queen of the Hairy Flies, trans. Brendan Hughes, with addenda by Jake Stratton-Kent

Language of the Birds by Humberto Maggi

Infernal Conjure Craft by Chad Barber Lessons from Ginen by Drac Uber

An Interview with England’s Most Notorious Necromancer: Jake Stratton-Kent talks about his practices and beliefs

Nefarious Occult Dealings: Necromancy, Ghosts and Spirit Expeditions in the Graeco-Roman, Hoodoo and Vodou Magical Traditions by Kim Huggens

Artwork by Johnny Jakobsson, Audrey Melo, S. Aldarnay & V. Midian. Cover art by Johnny Jakobsson.

Conjure Codex made its first appearance at the Day of the Dead Conference tin Glastonbury 2011. We are very grateful for those authors who came together to create this most important codex, and for the artists who shared their vision with us. The spirits are no longer restless -- they are clamouring to be heard.