Santisima Muerte by ConjureMan Ali

Santisima Muerte
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This Guide examines the history and legends of Santisima Muerte, or Holy Death, a controversial figure and beloved folk saint. ConjureMan Ali provides practical steps on how to establish a relationship with this powerful spirit, and how to properly work with her while respecting her cultural background. Included in this pamphlet are traditional novenas, prayers, and orisons, translated from the original Spanish by the author.

About the Author

ConjureMan Ali, also known to some as Dr. Raven, is a traditional conjurer and magus--a practitioner of old world sorceries and new world magicks. He works within the grimoire tradition along with its Middle Eastern counterparts and is a professional rootworker. A Tata in the tradition of Quimbanda, his approach to the occult and magick is scholarly and practical with an emphasis on classical occult education combined with real-world practice. He is a diviner, an astrologer, a geomancer, cartomancer, and a dreamer. Visit his blog here.