Welcome Home

After many trials and tribulations and dangers untold, I have sacked off our old shop website and built a new one. We now sell our digital titles directly from our shop here at hadeanpress.com along with our trade and limited editions.

To all of our customers who made accounts on the old shop site, we apologise for the added inconvenience of setting up a new account on another platform. Unfortunately, the back end of the old shop site was like hello 1999 and the front end wasn’t much better. We encountered numerous problems that only became evident after the site went live, but we decided to stay with it for as long as possible so as not to interfere with our customers. Finally, I just couldn’t bear it any longer and now here we are. 

I offer my deepest thanks to those of you who have been with us since the beginning. You especially have suffered through plenty of these kinds of updates, which I know are a pain because I am a shopper, too. I offer the same thanks to our more recent customers, to those who return again and again, and to those who buy one thing and then vanish back from whence you came. Your patronage of our small press, your tolerance of my habit of burning things down and rebuilding them, and especially your friendship means the world to me. Over the years, Hadean Press has become my life, and I am privileged to have you all be a part of it.