The Devil's Bestiary: The Magpie

Learn the Great Secret of the Miraculous Magpie’s Foot, for wealth and fortune in all things.

Today we are thrilled to release a new Guide to the Underworld by Khamai Yinepu, a new (to us) author we hope to see more of! 

In The Devil’s Bestiary: The Magpie, Khamai Yinepu provides an overview of the Magpie’s appearance in folk lore and song, its nature and powers, and explores its special relationship with the Devil. He then offers instructions for an operation to create an empowered magpie foot fetish by making a pact with Mr Magpie himself.

We hope you enjoy this new addition to our Guides. For now it is being released in print only, but expect the epub to arrive soon. 

The Devil's Bestiary: The Magpie
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