Submissions now open for Conjure Codex 4

Submissions are now open for the fourth issue of Conjure Codex.

This is our GOLD issue, so we are looking for essays and artwork relating to any and all occult notions of this remarkable colour and substance including but not limited to alchemical texts concerning chrysopoeia, working texts concerning solar magic, treatises on the uses of gold in amulets and ritual, and gold as either magical treasure or spiritual status symbol.

We accept works of up to 10K words in length concerning the personal practices of magicians for our compendium of global magick. Our focus is on the imminent potential for a new global synthesis. We are looking for articles and essays on spirit work, the grimoire traditions and magick, be it ancient or modern, Eastern or Western, New World or Old World, theoretical or anecdotal, original or translation, practical or historical, monotheist or pagan. Any magical tradition worldwide which focuses on spirit work will be eligible for inclusion. 

I receive a shocking number of emails so it is CRUCIAL that you put CC4 SUB in your subject line, otherwise you might languish for weeks in the inbox and we don’t want that.

Submissions should be sent to I aim to respond to CC4 submissions within two weeks – feel free to send follow-up emails if you feel I’m taking too long.

Please remember that submission does not equal acceptance.

The deadline for submissions is 28 February, 2019.

Thank you for your time.