Conjuring the Planetary Intelligences

We are ever so pleased to announce a new release in our Guides to the Underworld series: Conjuring the Planetary Intelligences: A Series of Conjurations found in Sloane 3821 by David Rankine, with cover illustration by Rosa Laguna

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Also available as a digital edition. 

The Planetary Intelligences (or Angels) first appear in Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy, published in 1531-3, though he drafted it around 1508-9. From Agrippa onwards, the Planetary Intelligences have usually been associated with talismanic work. The series of conjurations presented in Sloane 3821 (and partially in Sloane 3825) indicate that they were also conjured in the manner of angels and demons. 

In this Guide David Rankine presents the conjurations for the Planetary Intelligences along with an appendix of the Shapes of Spirits from the Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy and the kameas. 

It is a great honour to add David to our ever-growing family of authors, and we hope you find his Guide to be a welcome addition to your library.