Walking the Spectral Path by Paolo Sammut

Ghosts are a subject that have at once fascinated and frightened people since the beginning of time. However, despite this continuous interest they are still very much a mystery often dismissed either as nonsense or fantasy. The only fact we have regarding them is that people from all walks of life have often life-changing encounters with them. Such experiences show that this is a subject worth exploring, since it is a mystery deeply entwined with our very existence.

Walking the Spectral Path is a very personal journey into the world of ghosts. As an occultist and a ghost hunter, the author describes some of his own experiences in the spectral world while shining a new light onto this mystery, looking deeply into the phenomena from an esoteric perspective and describing new methods by which the paranormal can be investigated.

Contains eleven photographs taken by the author at a haunted location.

Walking the Spectral Path Paolo Sammut. ISBN 978-1-907881-15-2 (Paperback). Published in October, 2012. 70 pages.

Paolo Sammut is a UK based researcher primarily interested in esoteric and paranormal subjects. His main areas of focus include Ceremonial Magic especially Enochiana and the Typhonian tradition, Spagyric Alchemy, Psychic Questing and Paranormal research. He lives in Somerset with a coterie of cats and his scarlet woman, herself a sorceress of no mean ability. Paolo sporadically maintains a blog on www.liminalwhispers.blogspot.co.uk.