22 Paths of Inperfection by Matt Laws

In 22 Paths of Inperfection, Matt Laws offers insights from over twenty years of working with the tarot on an ongoing journey of self-discovery. This is an honest and raw look at the twenty-two major arcana and how they relate to human concerns such as suffering, depression, and the spark that leads us to strange places in life. Inperfection is a play on words, referring to inner refinement through our imperfections. This is part one of the Inperfection series, and includes twenty-two black and white illustrations to go along with the twenty-two major arcana.

22 Paths of Inperfection: a flight manual for single-winged angels is a guide for traversing the corridors of doubt, depression, and elation. By following the paths through the Tree of Life, and putting the cards into a distinctly human perspective, this little book extends a helping hand to anyone seeking passage through the murky waters of their psyche and up into the wide sky beyond.

The Emperor card by Matt Laws.

The Emperor card by Matt Laws.

22 Paths of Inperfection Matt Laws ISBN 978-1-907881-64-0 (Paperback). 22 B&W Illustrations. Published in December, 2015. 136 pages.

Matt Laws has used the Tarot to bring understanding to his strange experiences in life. From the suicidal melancholic depths of his twenties, through drug misuse, meeting strange folk from all over the world, and the dizzying heights of record breaking trance music back in the nineties (Matt was the guy behind Binary Finarys’ hit record ‘1998’) - he’s had a wild trip through the underworld with an aim to bring his insights out for anyone who might need help in their own darkest hours. Visit him at spiralking.com