Winter Update from Hadean Press

A new year has dawned, if you can believe it, and we are ever so glad to wave goodbye to the old. 2019 brings with it a renewed energy and passion for what we do here at Hadean Press, banishing the darkness of the last two months which were fraught with family deaths and other personal matters that entirely derailed me while at the same time ushering in the light of a new and much-improved working space. Here’s a glimpse:


This is going to be a most magickal year as we venture forth into the community on two occasions and release several new titles into the wilds – titles which we hope will inspire you as much as they do us.

 In February we will be attending the Glastonbury Occult Conference as guests, not as vendors. This will give us the opportunity to actually attend the talks and to socialise with friends and colleagues, and we are very much looking forward to it. If any of you plan to be in Glastonbury, please be sure to say hello!

 In June we will be attending the Magickal Women Conference in London, which I am co-organising with Sue Terry. We have an exciting roster of over 40 speakers packed into this one-day event which intends to honour the women of the occult, past and present, and while I could write so much more about it, I’ll stay on topic here and ask you to visit the website for details.

 We have a long list of titles that we intend to release this year, one of which is a new translation of The Testament of Solomon: Recension C, with commentary by Brian Johnson and a foreword by David Rankine. We will be publishing this short work as a standard hardbound edition in amethyst cloth with gold stamping on the cover, as well as a POD paperback. Pre-orders for the standard edition will open later this month, and we’ll post more information about it then.

Harley MS 5596

 The image above is from the Harley MS 5596 and was redrawn, along with a large number of spirit sigils, for the book by S. Aldarnay.

We will also be releasing Erzulie of the Deep by Sean Woodward quite soon in both a very limited handbound altar edition as well as a Guide to the Underworld. This very short work began life as a Guide, but as Erzulie means a great deal to me, I felt called to work more closely with Sean’s text and artwork. I’ll be printing and binding seven copies of the altar edition this month, and will open to reservations when the books are in the press.

Sean Woodward is the author of Keys to the Hoodoo Kingdom and The Grimoire of ZAL, and the artwork below is what inspired me to request that he write something for Hadean Press.

Erzulie of the Deep , © Sean Woodward

Erzulie of the Deep, © Sean Woodward

That is just what is happening at the beginning of the year. Towards its end we will be releasing a new book by José Leitão, with a working title of The Book of Saint Cyprian: Variations and Related Literature. The manuscript comes in at around 900 pages and includes several translated books of Saint Cyprian along with material culled from Inquisition records, pamphlets, and other items relating to the Saint and his works. This is an incredible book going through its final edits now, and we are honoured to be its publisher.

 Expect other titles throughout the year, including our fourth Conjure Codex, for which we are still accepting submissions.

 As you can see, 2019 will be a busy one here at Hadean Press, and the Work starts now.

 Wishing you all peace and every triumph in the new year.

Erze & Dis