Submission information and guidelines for Hadean Press

Submission information and guidelines will be revised as necessary.

Conjure Codex: A Compendium of Global Magick

Edited by Dis, Erzebet & Jake Stratton-Kent

Submissions for Conjure Codex Issue 4 will open in 2018.

We look for works of up to 10K words in length concerning the personal practices of magicians for our compendium of global magick. Our focus is on the imminent potential for a new global synthesis. We are looking for articles and essays on spirit work, the grimoire traditions and magick, be it ancient or modern, Eastern or Western, New World or Old World, theoretical or anecdotal, original or translation, practical or historical, monotheist or pagan. Any magical tradition worldwide which focuses on spirit work will be eligible for inclusion. Supporting artwork is welcome. Our issues are themed by colour.

Guides to the Underworld

We are always seeking works of up to 3000 words to be published as a Guide to the Underworld. These pamphlets are intended to assist the magician in his or her practices and they include techniques, information and examples of work that have a general benefit rather than being limited to one system or path.

Trade Publications

We are seeking works of up to 100K words on magick and the occult. We are interested in the past, present and future of magick as a field of study and use, personages involved in this field, traditions and practices spanning all ages in general and those influenced by or heavily involved in spirit work in particular. We understand that these are broad guidelines; send us what you have and let us decide its potential as a Hadean Press title.

General Guidelines

We publish books, not ideas. We cannot make a decision as to whether or not we will publish your work until we have read the work. By “work” we mean the individual title in question. Do not ask us if we are interested in your idea. Write, then send in what you have written.

We ask that you submit your text in some semblance of manuscript format as either .rtf or .docx to info @ We do not accept postal submissions. Please put the title of your work in the subject line of your email. Please include a brief biography and your contact details in the body of your email, along with a short synopsis of your material. Very few writers bother. We appreciate those who do.

We do not accept simultaneous submissions. If another publisher is considering your work, do not send it to us.

Submission does not equal acceptance. We intend to respond to every submission within thirty days. You know what they say about intentions.

Send queries to info @